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A-SPAN's vision is to end homelessness in Arlington County. A-SPAN's mission is to secure permanent housing and provide life-sustaining services for Arlington's most vulnerable individuals through outreach and relationships built on trust and respect.

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Address: P.O. Box 100731
Arlington, VA 22210
Email: smiller@a-span.org
Phone Number: 703-228-7809
Fax: 703-228-7805
Provides emergency needs services to homeless single adults in Arlington County, who are amongst the most vulnerable citizens in Arlington. Services include feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, providing free medical care to the uninsured, providing treatment for mental illness or substance abuse, helping the unemployed get a job, and those living on the streets into permanent supportive housing. Populations served include the homeless, veterans, single adults, women, families, households, veterans, the impoverished, the working poor and the chronically homeless.
"I love A-SPAN because they changed my life!" Mr. Florence, housed since 2016.