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To share the Life Saving Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.
- To minister the LOVE of GOD to women in crisis pregnancies, by every available means so they do not abort.
- To promote traditional Christian family morals and values.

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Address: 8601 Old Branch Ave
Temple Hills , MD 20748
Phone Number: 301-449-8601
We provide hope and healing to those dealing with a crisis pregnancy or has experience abortion, miscarriage, or still born, we are hear to listen and provide Christian counseling. Free pregnancy test, alternatives to abortion, material resources: baby items, baby & maternity clothes, referrals for adoption, proof of pregnancy, Educate about baby development, abortion, and STI's. Promote traditional Christian family morals.

When speaking to the counselors I felt a great calmness. I was able to speak to them freely and openly without even the smallest sense of judgment. Not only did they pray for me for my current situation they gave me testimonies of their own pasts. I was given information on abortion procedures that I've never received before. I felt very comfortable and at ease. Thank you ladies for your prayers. Ashley

Tell God your plans and he laughs (she quotes from a friend). I thought, no I think God would like my plans; it is in his hand, Proverbs 3:5-6. The job of a mother is 24:7 but their hugs and kisses are priceless. The Blessings of my children have taught me so much, unconditional love and patience. The best advice is Matthew 6:33, Seek first Him and His Kingdom, everything else is added. Also Romans 8:28, let it go, it all works out according to His plans. That's how to make it every day, Prayer, church, and friends. They are there for your good. Jesus Loves you!! Jennifer Farmer

I love Christle Lighthouse Pregnancy Care Center because when I was homeless and had no job CLH provide various types of assistance for me and my son. I thank God and may God bless CLH. Fatmata