Light of Compassion

A Buddhist Temple - Kunzang Palyul Choling

My friends are kind and compassionate folk who help others. People, dogs, cats, birds, horses, wildlife....We share a concern for the world both globally and in our neighborhood. We try to live with honesty and integrity. Sometimes we despair at things we read or hear about or see. Images of cruelty, starvation, war, animal slaughter bring tears to our eyes.
We may not all identify with a particular faith, or even choose to pray. But we respect differences and others who may believe or live differently than us, if they do so with loving kindness and an open heart.
If you know me at all, you know I am a Buddhist nun and that I have been committed for some years to helping animals and birds in need.
What I am also committed to is prayer and to the Temple which sustains me, because its foundation is compassionate action. This does not only mean direct action in the world, like rescuing dogs from a kill shelter. It is also a commitment to prayer for you, me, my dogs, your cats, our families, the refugees, our environment.
The line below the photo is a line from one of our aspirational prayers. Prayer and compassionate activity are reflections, one of the other. Without my Temple, KPC, I would not have rescued dogs or be now helping rescued parrots. Prayer sustains me so that I can work for the welfare of others, as you do.
If you are able to donate some money - any amount, nothing is too small - to support KPC I promise you, you will be supporting a place of compassion, of integrity and of hope.
Thank you.


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May I never become bored or weary of accomplishing the welfare of others

Goal: $1,000.00
Raised: $104.64