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NVCSA is an all-volunteer organization, providing education, advocacy & support for families using Cued Speech (CS) w/ deaf/hard-of-hearing children. CS offers unambiguous VISUAL REPRESENTATION of all phonemes of spoken languages, enabling parents to model the language of the home, and allowing acquisition of the language/phonemic awareness needed for kindergarten readiness, literacy, and achievement of academic potential.

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Address: P.O. Box 2733
Fairfax, VA 22031
Email: info@nvcsa.org
Phone Number: 571-296-0543
For over 20 years, the Northern Virginia Cued Speech Association (NVCSA) has sponsored classes, family social activities, meetings, and presentation events, and has provided information for families as they decide the modality for their child's education. NVCSA has administered and run Cue Camp Virginia since 2003. NVCSA events have been attended by hundreds of family members and professionals from Northern Virginia, the National Capital Area, and throughout the state. Many students who began using Cued Speech at a young age were successfully mainstreamed into academic classes with hearing peers and went on to complete college and post-graduate degrees leading to successful professional careers. Through education, advocacy, and support, NVCSA has helped families overcome the 3rd grade reading level plateau that plagues deaf students who lack phonemic awareness and access to all the sounds of spoken English.
Because 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, their families are not equipped to provide the early language input that all young children need using American Sign Language (ASL). It takes years of dedicated effort and practice to become fluent in another language, but Cued Speech allows families to communicate using the language of the home that they already know. (Cued Speech has been adapted for 65 different languages.) Use of Cued Speech enables the child's full participation in family life. When Cued English is the language of the home, the child gains early access to the language he or she will need in order to be successful at school. Studies have shown that children consistently exposed to Cued Speech can acquire language at the rate of hearing peers.
The Cued Speech system can be learned in 16 classroom hours. It consists of only eight handshapes (representing consonant sounds) used in four positions around the mouth (representing vowel sounds), which are synchronized with the normal mouth movements of spoken language. (Hearing or access to sound is not required because all phonemes are visually unique.) Because of this, the entire Cued Speech system is taught in the camp's Beginning Cued Speech class (taught in two separate classes, in English and in ASL). Thousands of participants have taken away the tools to effectively communicate with their deaf child using the language they already know.
Held annually over the Columbus Day weekend, Cue Camp Virginia (CCVA) is an unforgettable event for families, friends, educators, and hearing health professionals who want to learn the Cued Speech system and/or find out more about Cued Speech and its many applications. Camp participants learn and improve Cued Speech skills; learn about raising, educating, and communicating with a deaf or hard-of-hearing child; and share the experiences of other families and professionals.
Teaching the entire family to cue is essential because siblings are ideal language models and "overheard" adult conversations provide a constant source of language growth. To help families and professionals develop their cueing skills, CCVA offers adult Cued Speech classes at the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Transliterator levels, and provides presentations of interest to both parents and professionals. Children's classes and/or childcare are offered throughout the duration of all adult classes. Exciting, language-rich camp activities offer children opportunities to make life-long friends and meet inspiring role models. Two levels of Cued Speech are taught to children's groups.
To learn more, visit our website https://www.nvcsa.org. NVCSA is an affiliate of the National Cued Speech Association, https://www.cuedspeech.org.