A Place of Peace For All

A Buddhist Temple - Kunzang Palyul Choling

Kunzang Palyul Choling has been my temple for more than half my life. It is a place where people come to pray, meditate, or just walk the rustic 72 acres. It has hosted most revered teachers and spiritual events, and is a place of pilgrimage and service for different cultural groups and world studies classes. A commitment for 24-hour prayer has been upheld and unbroken since 1985, accomplished through rotating 2-hour shifts and a community of volunteers. It has provided animal rescue efforts, disaster support, prison visits, bag lunches for the homeless, chidren's programs, and many other compassionate activities.

If you have ever come to a teaching, empowerment, or meditation practice; if you have enjoyed the stupas, gardens, or walking trails; if you've ever requested prayers, or if you just like the idea that there is a place where 24/7 prayer has happened for over 3 decades - you can make a difference over the next 24 hours.

Please consider donating what you can. DoMore24 offers incentives based on the size and type of organization for the amount of activity generated, whether it be number of donors, time of donation, amount of donations, etc., which allows KPC to leverage your combined generosity to greater levels. Thank you for your consideration and support.


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Thank you for your support and generosity.

Goal: $1,000.00
Raised: $443.96