Comfort and Compassion

A Buddhist Temple - Kunzang Palyul Choling

When I came to KPC, it was before it was a Buddhist temple. Although we were Buddhists at the core, none of us knew it then. I had been searching for something but there was always something missing. I had tried various spiritual practices when religions didn't nourish, read scores of books exploring various philosophies, and tried self-help workshops all trying to find that "something" that was missing in my life, until by some obscure thread, I was led to an event where I heard Jetsunma speak. And when I heard what she had to say, I knew I was "home."

Some of what she explained, I had experienced and knew to be true for me and what she said that I hadn't experienced seemed logical, so I started putting into practice some of the recommendations she had for bringing about happiness, and the end of suffering. And it worked! My life began to get easier and happier. Things that I once became upset about no longer had the same charge. I got angry less and less often just because there was nothing to be angry over. I wasn't stuffing it. It just wasn't there. So as I began to apply the teachings more and more to my everyday life, life became more comfortable and I am happier, calmer and kinder than I was before I met her.

KPC is a sanctuary where you can find "family" you didn't know you had; where you can go deep inside yourself to commune with the deepest part of you; where you can find peace in the chaos of daily existence; and if you choose, can hear teachings about how to bring more joy into your life, bring benefit to you, your loved ones, and to the world; and to pray in whatever way suits you. You can enjoy the solace of the meditation gardens on the 65 acres across the street, the peacefulness of the prayer room, circumambulate one of the many stupas, or attend the regular weekly teachings.

Sometimes our need to find a safe and comforting place to go does not fall at a convenient time of day. KPC is open 24/7. KPC members do not proselytize. You can leave with the same beliefs you had when you came. And ALL are welcome. There is no discrimination towards anyone.

But we need to keep the doors open, the lights on, and the rooms at a comfortable temperature. We count on the generosity of our members and people like you who make donations occasionally when you are moved to do so. We thank you for your help in making this world a better place through peace.

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