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C.A.S.E.'s mission is to Improve the lives of adopted and foster children and their families through counseling, lifelong education, and a growing national network of trained professionals.

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Address: 4000 Blackburn Lane Suite 260
Burtonsville, MD 20866
Phone Number: 301-476-8525 ext. 129
Fax: 301-476-8526
C.A.S.E. is celebrating 20 years as a local and national leader in providing mental health counseling, educational resources and training for children, teens and their families and the professionals who serve them across the foster and adoption community. We've served more than 6,000 individuals and families across the D.C. metro area since 1998.
"We were frustrated and in despair. We were willing to try anything. We tried this. We tried that. But those things didn't work. Then we came to C.A.S.E. [for family therapy] and all of a sudden it changes how you interact with your child and how your child interacts with you. It's the best feeling in the world."
- Adoptive parent

"We floundered and no one could really help us with her trauma issues and it wasn't until we came to C.A.S.E. that we got the help we needed."
- Adoptive parent