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Help HART Save a Dog Like Boo
by Charlene Bofinger
Boo was rescued by HART from a home where a family member had been convicted of animal cruelty. Boo has been a wonderful addition to our family and is a nanny dog to our twin grandsons. She loves to play with our other dogs and always allows Dani (our little rescue beagle) to win in any game of tug-a-toy. Without HART Boo would not be another word for "joy". Your donations will help HART save another dog like Boo.

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Help HART Save More Dogs Like Trooper
by Neville Withington
Trooper is one of HART's senior dogs. He is a Hound mix who has had a very rough time. He was rescued after he was hit by a car, and was found to be heartworm positive. We don't know much about his previous life, but it is clear that at one time he was part of a family that had young children. Despite everything he has been through, he is a very sweet dog who wants nothing more than to be scratched and petted and climbed on by children who come to the adoption event. He is still looking for a forever home.

HART is an organization that goes beyond pulling puppies from shelters for adoption. We also rescue the mothers, the injured, and older dogs who are abandoned by their families or otherwise find themselves in high kill shelters. Your donation will help HART save other dogs like Trooper.

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Jordyn's Fundraiser Page for Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART)
by Jordyn Freedman
I want to continue to support Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) and the great work they are doing to provide shelter and medical care for animals in dire circumstances. This was the organization I supported for my Bat Mitzvah Project but I want to do more and am asking for your help to do so. I would ask that you consider donating even if just 5 - 10 dollars to support the fabulous work this rescue organization does to help homeless animals get healthy and find their forever home. We got our wonderful dog Catcher through a rescue and want to ensure other animals have a safe and happy life with families that love and care for them. HART has donors that are going to match every dollar donated for all donations before May 17. So please give and give soon:-)

Jordyn Freedman

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Help HART save a dog like Alonzo
by Lisa Germain
I'm Alonzo and I am so happy to have a home, thanks to HART, who saved me from a shelter in South Carolina, and my family, who adopted me in February of this year. I love my neighborhood and all the nice doggies that also live here. I have so much fun playing at the dog parks (there are so many) and I love playing ball! I have such a wonderful life and loving family, and I have HART to thank for it.

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Help HART save dogs like Maddy
by Maria Levesque
Maddy is a wonderful rescue from a high kill shelter in South Carolina. I signed up to be Maddy's foster mom but we fell in love and now she is my full time sailing buddy! Please help HART save more dogs like my beautiful Maddy!

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Help HART continue their rescue efforts, the life you save may be your own!
by Justine Davis
Hey everyone, we were introduced to the HART organization by chance last summer and adopted this sweet doggy named Charlie Beagle. Seems he stole everyone's hearts, most especially ours. As with many rescues, (and we learned this the hard way) they come with a history completely unknown, and these incredible people dedicate themselves tirelessly to find them homes, and people to love them. Charlie Beagle was a wedding present to ourselves and he gave us joy every moment he was with us. Our love story was cut short just six months later, and we lost him to prostate cancer. It is bittersweet knowing we gave him, just as he gave us, a wonderful life to the very end. Because of this powerful organization who helped us open our minds, hearts and home, we experienced such happiness in those months. Won't you please consider donating even $5 to HART so they can continue in their gallant efforts. As an aside we found our newly adopted doggy Buddy, a few days after we lost our sweet Charlie Beagle. Just by checking their website for new arrivals! And his sweet face called out to us. He came as a stray with many health issues that HART helped us work out, and we provided the love and support to bring him back to good health. I'm happy to say he's doing well and loves his new home. Like I said before, a rescue animal just may be the one doing the rescuing! And our broken hearts are now filled with love and joy once more! And it was HART who made it all possible. I wish the same joy for you, or those you may be helping here. Thank you from the Davis family!

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Help HART Save More Lives Like Mine!
by Cynthia Voccia
When I was homeless after my human passed away, HART took me in to give me another chance at finding a wonderful home. When I became very sick, HART took care of me and took me to the vet to seek treatments and opinions to give me a chance at continuing my life. That was almost four years ago, and I'm here living the dream in my forever home thanks to HART! Without their love, support and care for me, welllllll... let's just say I don't want to think about what would have happened to ME!! Please help my forever friends at HART continue to save lives just like mine. Together we can help other homeless pets live the dream too by donating to HART through Do More 24!

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Help HART Save a Dog Like Jack Frost
by Sandy Scholar
Many of you know our wonderful dog Jack. We nicknamed him Gentleman Jack, because he is so sweet, well-mannered, and polite. If you are sitting down when Jack wants attention, he will hop up on the couch next to you and very politely tap your arm with his paw, to ask you to pet him. If we're on a walk and he wants to go investigate something, he sits down to ask permission to go over and check it out. Despite how good (and cute!) he is, if it wasn't for HART, Jack would not be alive today. Although he was a very young dog when he was rescued, he had a horrible growth on his nose. No one would have adopted a dog like that from a shelter. HART had the growth removed, and fortunately it was benign and has never returned. Jack also had an undiagnosed condition called diabetes insipidus that caused him to have to drink a lot of water, which meant he was peeing a lot and couldn't be housetrained. HART again addressed the problem, and once Jack was on the right dose of medication, it turned out he was perfectly housetrained. We have had Jack for more than 2 years and he has never had a single accident in the house (or anywhere else indoors). That's our Gentleman Jack! Please help HART save more dogs who are wonderful companions, but are frequently overlooked by other rescues. Al and I will match, dollar for dollar, every donation up to $500!

Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign, Sandy Scholar
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