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The mission of the Literacy Council of Montgomery County is to transform the lives of adults by teaching language proficiency, building life skills, and fostering community involvement. We are deeply committed to fostering social and economic equity through self-sufficiency.

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Address: 21 Maryland Avenue Suite 320
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone Number: 301-610-0030
The LCMC plays a critical role in the network of county-wide services that exist to improve outcomes for individuals and families and strengthen communities. The ability to read and write in English is critical to the healthy development and financial security of individuals and families in Montgomery County. With the skills and knowledge gained from working with LCMC, adults can advance their education and pursue the professional training needed to flourish in the county workforce.

We are deeply committed to fostering social and economic equity through self-sufficiency, which is why our adult education programs, like our one-to-one tutoring, ESL classroom learning, GED preparation, and upcoming workshops focusing on topics ranging from digital literacy to health literacy to financial literacy are outcome- and results-focused, all while taking each learner's individual needs and learning styles into foremost consideration to ensure the best experience and highest achievement for every student.

Adult literacy rates have an impact on children's educational success as parents who are able to read and write are better able to support and engage in their child's learning. Improving literacy rates translates to better health, as the NIH notes health care costs are typically four times higher for individuals with low literacy skills, and the ability to read and speak English allows adults to better follow medical instructions, make regular doctor appointments, and ask important questions of their doctors. Individuals with stronger literacy skills will understand and leverage the opportunities to further their education and participate in job training, a key step to increased self-sufficiency.
"If you are new to this country, you should go to the LCMC and try to get a tutor. [My tutor] is not only my English tutor; she is my tutor for me in my daily living in America. That's why I would tell everyone to find the Literacy Council, to find someone to help facilitate their integration into this country." --Kit, ESL tutoring student

"I keep telling everyone, the friends around me, teaching with LCMC is so fulfilling. You are helping the next generation. If you see, the happy face of Mary, reading her journal because she wrote her sentences with her English, you see her dreams coming true." -Janice, volunteer literacy tutor