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"Senseless Acts of Beauty" - Support Kunzang Palyul Choling
by Ed Ben
"Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty" This is what I think about when I think of KPC.

Kunzang Palyul Choling is a Buddhist temple in the Tibetan tradition located in Poolesville, MD.

I was caught by surprise when I first stumbled upon Kunzang Palyul Choling -- or KPC -- in 2014. I remember that I was home and looking around for various meditation venues around Baltimore. When I came across KPC, I was shocked that something like this existed in the area and no one was talking about it.

A quick TL;DR to get you up to speed:

- Tibetan Buddhist Temple. open to everyone 24\7, 365, without fail. Need to somewhere at 3AM? Someone will be there and they'll offer you a safe space.

- Prayers. They've had an unbroken prayer vigil going on since 1985, meaning, at every moment, someone is there praying and practicing for the benefit of you. and me. and all of us. They've been doing it longer than I've been alive.

- Lineage. KPC is the American branch of the Palyul tradition of Vajrayana and was founded by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, who was recognized as an important reincarnate teacher of Tibetan Buddhism by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche. This has allowed previously unknown and rare teachings to come to the west and propagate here.

-Ordained. KPC is home to ordained nuns and monks who have taken vows and dedicated their practice and karma to supporting you, the teachings, themselves and the world. This is a truly rare and precious thing to see in America. They will befriend you, they will help you and they will inspire you. Whatever faith you subscribe to, you'll see goodness in them.

- Garuda Aviary. A lifelong rescue for neglected abused and abandoned parrots. Located on in the temple, there is someone quietly taking care of and assisting these animals too often seen as impulsive pet purchases as opposed to the genuinely challenging but sentient animals that they are.

- Stupas. KPC grounds are also home to magnificent monuments known as stupas. These are rarely seen outside of Buddhist countries. The KPC stupas contain precious gems, ritual items, literally millions of printed mantra and first class relics from Tibetan buddhist teachers.

- Vietnamese Community. While KPC is a temple in the Tibetan tradition, they meet the needs of the local Vietnamese community which follows a different style of Buddhism. They've erected familiar shrines and adjusted familiar practices to give this community a spiritual home of their own.

There are so many other things that KPC offers on a weekly basis that this TL;DR is no longer a TL;DR.

How do I know all of this? I shot a documentary with KPC in 2015. I cold called them out of personal interest and told them that I wanted to shoot a project with them. I came in off the street and they opened their doors to me, completely. I got whacked on the head with Tibetan sutra scrolls and fed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The ordained nuns took me off-roading into their stupa park with my camera crane to get my gear inside of the park. I didn't know these people would become my friends and have a large impact on my own relationship with Buddhism.

"Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty" was something I experienced first hand at KPC. (also now a bumper sticker on my car.)

I hope you get the chance to experience what that sentiment feels like and join me in supporting this place.
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Partner with us for Peace
by Christopher Hodgson
Just over 20 years life brought me to Jetsunma and KPC, and it was like stepping out of a chaotic tornado into a completely safe place that was still, and calm... a place of peace where the doors are always open. To ANYONE. And shortly after I committed to the Buddhist path and began studying and trying to practice in earnest - I realized that the tempest within my mind and the chaos in my life was something I brought into all situations but that the dharma has endless and effective methods to give rise to peace and new habits of mind.

It is important to me that Buddhism really takes root here in America, especially during such challenging times, because it holds answers that many citizens of our culture seek but may not know where or who to ask. People think Buddhism is simply a "religion" and though it maybe fits into that category in this country, it is an engaged path and way of life that has been around for somewhere between 2000-2500 years on this planet. What Her Eminence Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo Rinpoche has built in KPC is so much more than a place to go on Sundays or holidays. This path gives us access to tools that can allow us to be precisely what we are and that allows other religions to be exactly as they are. It allows for tolerance of differences in opinion because just as gravity affects every being on a planet, not every being on that planet may use the same word for it. People may have the same understanding of it, or be unaware of gravity at all.. yet the effects of gravity are impersonal and follow certain cosmic principles. Similar to how laws of gravity affect us all (regardless of our level of scientific understanding of it) karma affects us all in the same way - regardless of our knowledge and understanding of it. But the Buddha offered a complete method of coming to understand karma and our role in the interconnected universe where we find ourselves being born and confused. The way in which people interact with spirituality and reality is not solely based on what a religion teaches... it is based on their truth underpinning all of it, and absolutely shaped by our habits of mind and our perceptions. Understanding something so all pervasive as your habitual tendencies does wonders to empower you to maximize your engagement and with and ability to shape the trajectory of your life and your beliefs and your habits... spiritual, material, psychological and otherwise.

I guess there are not perfect words at my disposal to explain how important a perfect teacher and an accessible temple are to seekers. KPC was started by Jetsunma with the intention of being a place of spiritual refuge 24 hours a day 365 days a year for ANYONE who needs to meditate, reflect, pray or be guided. You may sit and meditate quietly or come during a teaching or empowerment or engage in a lively debate with someone while hiking in the peace park. Engage as little or as fully as you feel moved to... and stay for a minute or a lifetime. It is here for all of us... it is here for you. It is here for anyone seeking peace and truth, no matter what religion you consider yourself... and it seeks to bring an end to suffering. I hope that during this fundraising event people feel moved to support such a place, which relies on financial donations to keep the power on and the doors open and the programs offered so that it can remain for generations to follow!

Thank you for your generosity and may all those who have hopes of you benefit from your kindness.
Goal: $1,000.00
24% Funded

From a Small Seed a Mighty Trunk May Grow
by Lisa Banana
Each year, I fundraise for KPC during #DoMore24, and I am always astounded by the generosity of others and how small contributions make a huge impact for the temple. KPC is a place of meditation, refuge, and prayer. It offers 24 hour access to the prayer room for those of all faiths, 65 acres of walking trails, a huge collection of crystals from all over the world, a place to ask for prayers and so much more. It is truly a jewel in the world.
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Passing the Baton
by Noreen Teoh
Over 20 years ago, my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer. Needless to say, I was devastated, and had to gradually accept that science has its limitations. Friends told me of this Buddhist Temple in Maryland where they accept prayer requests, and that they pray non-stop day and night for all prayer recipients and all sentient beings.
Non-stop, day and night? Wow. What an audacious commitment.
Two decades later and I'm still in awe.
Begun in April 1985, up to now, ordained monks, nuns and lay practitioners take two-hour prayer shifts and keep the prayer vigil going -- passing the 'baton' so to speak to the next person, and then to the next person, et cetera, without fail, for over 34 years.
From my calculations, the 'baton' has been passed, over 149,000 times. As a 'tag team', the vigil folks probably break the Guinness record!
During the DoMore24 Fundraising Campaign, I'm inviting you to be part of the support team. I will be honored to have you contribute financially towards the non-stop prayer vigil, whose commitment is to shine the light of compassion towards all beings.
May the prayer vigil 'baton' continue to be passed on, for many generations to come! By this effort, may all sentient beings be free of suffering. Thank you!
Goal: $1,500.00
60% Funded

Green sacred spaces
by Tenzin Wangmo
Kunzang Palyul Choling Temple is not only a calming and beautiful place of refuge for anyone and everyone, open 24 hours a day, but it's part of a bigger beautiful green landscape that includes 65 acres of forest and creeks, grasslands, wildlife, walking trails and many sacred spaces including Stupas that embody the mind of enlightenment. It's a place of peace in a changing world. It's a place of blessings. It's a deep breath of forest air that stills the mind.
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Reclaim Kindness
by Karen Williams
Seriously, I never imagined myself being so happy living at a temple as a Buddhist nun. But finding my teacher, Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, and the Buddha's teachings changed my life. Over the years I've watched both members and visitors at KPC become happier; more nurtured; accepted; fulfilled.

Some come to walk the 65 acre peace park, see the parrots, see the crystals, or to enjoy the traditional statues and thankas, or to quietly meditate, listen to teachings, or participate in traditional ceremonies. All are welcome. There's a place for everyone here.

KPC practices an unbroken lineage of teachings that traces back thousands of years. KPC's 24 hour prayer vigil has gone unbroken since 1985 and produced positive results for both those praying, and those prayed for. As we contemplate the world at large, we have found a way to have a positive impact through this constant prayer.

Additionally, we serve the community including feeding those who are hungry, and bringing teachings and comfort into local prisons. KPC has over 36 Stupas which provide focus and power for prayers. Over the years many great Buddhist masters have given profound teachings here and the blessings remain.

The temple is open 24 hours a day, every day. The Peace Park and meditation gardens are open every day. Come enjoy them. They are for YOU.
If you are able, please consider a donation to KPC to help keep the doors open so everyone can find a place of refuge. And PLEASE come visit yourself!
Goal: $10,000.00
32% Funded

There's a Place For You Here
by Dara Tokarz
If you know me, you know KPC has been a part of my life for the past three decades. Before "inclusive" became a buzzword, KPC was (and continues to be) a beacon of compassion all. For those interested in Buddhism or who have been practicing for years; for those looking to circumambulate the sacred structures (stupas) or hike 65 acres of trails; for those seeking prayers from the spiritual community and those supporting the 24-hour prayer vigil; and those looking to practice meditation or just let their mind rest in a quiet place - there's a place for you here.

Your donation to DoMore24 allows KPC to provide all of this and more to anyone who wishes to visit, as well as supporting animal rescue efforts, disaster support, prison visits, bag lunches for the homeless, children's programs, and many other compassionate activities. Whether you make a donation, tell your friends, or share this via email or social media, I want to thank you for supporting a place of peace and refuge for all.
Goal: $1,000.00
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Hello fellow sentient creatures. I am lazy Wizard. Being a magical and mystical cat it is my personal wish that magical places such as KPC continue to thrive and help all sentient beings. Kunzang Odsal Palyul Changchub Choling (KPC) was founded by Jetsunma Ahkon Norbu Lhamo to uphold the Palyul lineage within the Nyingma tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism. The KPC mission is to inspire people to improve the world and end suffering for the benefit of all beings. I have been fortunate enough to encounter many of these kind and dedicated humans who are involved in compassionate activities that help others.

Here are some of the many accomplishments they have done:

*Since 1985 there has been an unbroken 24-hour prayer vigil. Someone is always praying for the end of suffering for all beings. The temple is open *24 hours a day for anyone who wants a quiet place to be safe and welcome.
*They have over 50 parrots and exotic birds that they have rescued and are now cared for in Garuda Avaiary for life.
*They rescued dozens of dogs from Hurricane Katrina and adopted them out.
*They feed the homeless. They have an ongoing meditation prison program for inmates.
*There are 65 acres of forest and creeks, grasslands, wildlife, walking trails and many sacred spaces including Stupas that embody the mind of enlightenment.

KPC offers teachings and activities to help you - no matter your faith -- transform your mind and life for the benefit of others. It is is a place where you can be inspired, accepted, and loved. Everyone is welcome.

Please consider donating to such a wonderful place that helps not just humans become kinder and more compassionate but us cats too.
Goal: $500.00
23% Funded

24 Hour Prayer for Peace
by Arene Windolph
24 hours a day, 7 days a week prayer happens at KPC dedicated to world peace! Join us in keeping this temple open to all for generations to come!
Goal: $1,000.00
3% Funded

Two Pressed Hands
by Jonas Horner
Please enjoy this song I wrote and recorded recently "two pressed hands". A special thanks to Jacob Wise, Tara Middleton & Ani Aileen for assisting in making this come to life. May all beings benefit. Kunzang Payul Choling in Poolesville Maryland was established in 1985 by Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo. Since then, there has been an unbroken 24 hour prayer vigil for sentient beings. KPC engages in many compassionate activities soley for the benefit of others. From buddhist teachings & practices,guided meditations, animal rescue, feeding the homeless to 65 acres of peace parks for others to enjoy and find peace. The compassionate activity here is endless. The doors are always open, with one intention, to benefit others. With the goal to have a more peaceful, more harmonious world. Where equal hearts come together in prayer and practice, in hope that compassion will overcome hate. In hope that genorosity will overcome greed and wisdom will overcome ignorance. KPC is open to and embraces all faiths, all people. Let's all have two pressed hands together, lets pray for the end of suffering , the end of hatred and let's acknowledge that we are all one. "May we all join as one life, which is our true nature- and be unbound by hatred, greed and ignorance" - Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo. The earth needs more loving kindness, humanity needs more loving kindness. The world needs places just like KPC to thrive. Please help to support this precious and sacred gem. Let's keep the doors open and our hands pressed together. Anything you can do to help will bring tremendous benefit to others. That's what it's about, benefiting others.
Goal: $1,000.00
63% Funded

Compassion for all
by Anne Kanengeiser
As an actor in NYC I know well that moment of wonder and love for my playmates after a performance and the gratitude I feel for a loving audience. That gratitude that I choose to share and to deepen. But, where do I go to explore and learn about compassion, detaching...?

Just so happens I found Kunzang Palyul Choling in the late 90's when my sister became an ordained Tibetan Buddhist Nun....a gift and a treasure.This is the place I go when I need to be quiet, reflect on the life I'm living and the path I'm learning. That place I go to learn about acceptance of all things sentient; of learning about compassion for all; quieting my ego and practicing equanimity; learning about my own shortcomings and fear so I can deepen my compassion and experience that we are all one.

KPC gives me the space and the community to do just that. It is accepting of all… to meditate, to grow, to laugh, to love.
To hike its 65 acres or to find peace and solace in their 24-hr prayer room. Prayers 24-hrs a day for the past 34 yrs and counting.
There is no place like it.

Like myself, it is a place that I want to support and nurture. for all of us to enjoy, experience and share.

Goal: $2,000.00
103% Funded

Reclaim Compassion with KPC
by Sangdrol Blanchard
Reclaim compassion along with Kunzang Palyul Choling, a Tibetan Buddhist temple in the Vajrayana tradition. KPC's heritage is rich, and deeply rooted in traditional values and compassionate activity that needs your support. Serving the homeless, helping the stray animals, the needy, and always offering an open door to those who might need it. Come join us in prayer around the clock, or meditation classes free of change on Saturday and Sunday. Or take a long walk in our gardens on any afternoon with family and friends and be inspired by the beauty. Help us reclaim compassion for others, give to KPC.
Goal: $1,000.00
77% Funded

Accumulate the merit
by Pem Sherpa
KPC is a sacred place of Buddhist practice which was established in 1985. My faith and relationship with KPC began in 1996 and it needs to remain for thousands of years. But for that to work, we need to keep the temple open, where practitioners can practice and attain enlightenment. My humble request to all my friends is to help by donating a little money keep this historical temple thriving. Thanks.
Goal: $5,000.00
24% Funded

What the World Needs Now is...
by Elizabeth Elgin
The prayers and blessings I have received over the last 35 years from my teacher, Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, the Palyul Lineage and the members of KPC are priceless. The prayers and miracles others have received, and I have witnessed and personally experienced, are too many to recount in this short FB post. Prayer works. Constant prayer works even more. The 24 hour Prayer Vigil is always humming along, for you and all beings. The names in the Prayer Request Book are read aloud daily, helping us stay mindful of all those who are suffering, and being able to give back through prayer. KPC is a place for everyone, whether you want to learn and practice the Buddhist path deeply, or simply learn to meditate to calm your mind, or just occasionally check out from the daily grind and have a place to go to get re-centered in your heart. Come spend an hour meditating, or refreshing yourself by walking the trails to the stupas on the 65 acre park. It's open 24 hours; it's free. But it's not inexpensive to provide to the world, as it's only through the miracle of donations that it continues. When you give, whether a little, or a lot, it all becomes part of the one gift the world needs right now: Compassion. So thank you for your love.
Goal: $500.00
16% Funded

by Amanda Worrall

I don't know know about you but for me, life feels busy. It's not unusual for me to feel stressed out at times, and when I'm stressed out, I feel grateful for all the wisdom that's in the world now for training and calming the mind.
Scientists have engaged in tons of research that demonstrates the power of meditation and mindfulness practice. They have shown with brain scans how new neural pathways are created in our brain through meditation and mindfulness practice that help us approach life with increased calmness and wisdom. Our neocortex, the calm, wise part of our brain becomes more developed. This is a powerful antidote to the anger, hatred, lack of tolerance, the emotional reactivity etc that is generated from our limbic brain, the downstairs brain- essential for survival and connection so I'm not knocking the limbic brain at all. But life is supposed to be more than just surviving isn't it. We have more potential than that, don't we. We need to have!
Buddhism has been described as a science of the mind and offers us tools and teachings to train our mind. If our mind is in a good place, then we are in a good place. I'm grateful these teachings are now in the west, we are benefiting from them. I've heard that if all children were taught how to meditate, war would be eliminated within one generation; food for thought!
I feel incredible gratitude to all the teachers, especially Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo who make these teachings and practices available to us. Jetsunma and KPC are based in USA, however, the teachings, guidance and inspiration reaches across the world to anyone who is interested. Jetsunma and KPC ensure this is the case as part of their dedication to reduce suffering and help create causes for happiness. To be honest, without this, I think I would, at times, start to feel quite hopeless in this crazy world.
Feel free to check out www.tara.org if this has piqued your curiosity, and if you feel to donate something to an excellent cause, please follow the link. www.domore24.org/Kpc
Everything helps
Goal: $200.00
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