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RESET volunteer scientists, engineers and technologists lead PreK, elementary and middle school students in science experiments to stimulate interest in science and engineering.

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Address: RESET PO Box 9400
Washington, DC 20016
Phone Number: 703-250-0236
RESET is a volunteer organization of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals whose mission is to motivate children to discover and explore the worlds of science and math, and to encourage them to consider education and career choices in related fields.

The RESET volunteer program has operated successfully in the Washington, DC metro area for 30 years. Through hands-on science lessons, interactive experiments and related field trips, RESET volunteers teach children in ways that are engaging, relevant, and fun, encouraging them to make important connections between life and learning.

The majority of the children RESET serves are from under-resourced communities in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland, as evidenced by the high percentage participating in the Free and Reduced Meal (FARM) program. RESET provides students with enriching, positive, and motivational learning opportunities with science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), opportunities that are rarely available in their regular class work.

Familiarizing students with science vocabulary, concepts, and behaviors in ways that encourage curiosity and critical thinking also eases apprehensions and motivates future learning, both academically and professionally. RESET volunteers also serve as role models for teachers-as professional scientists they are dynamic examples of how scientists think and behave.

Since RESET began, more than 1,000 volunteers have participated in the program. Today, the program has grown to approximately 141 professional scientists who serve 31 schools and community service organizations. The caliber, expertise, and dedication of RESET's volunteers is impressive. Among RESET's active volunteers are professionals from the fields of physics, statistics, medicine, environment, biology, computer science, anthropology, chemistry, neuroscience and civil, aerospace and mechanical engineering.

RESET's service offerings include elementary and middle schools, charter schools, community service organizations, Saturday sessions and after-school programs.
"Dear RESET: The contributions you have made have helped create and foster a love of science and engineering. This has made a difference in our students' educational experience this year. Having volunteers who have worked directly in the field share hands-on activities with students has really opened a door for our students."

"Through RESET, I truly feel that I have made the biggest impact I can make in my own community. RESET allows me to use my skills as a scientific researcher and bioengineer to make science more fun and accessible to young students. When I was in elementary school, my first experience with science was positive and engaging. Through RESET, I can create the same positive and engaging experience for the next generation of scientists."

"I have been working with RESET for almost four years now, and they have provided invaluable resources and volunteers for my middle school science classroom. This program is great because it provides students with opportunities to participate in activities and experiments that would not typically take place in the regular classroom with just one teacher. The volunteers do a great job of making everything kid-friendly and engaging, even though many of the topics are advanced. We have been able to participate in several field experiences, including overnight camping (which my students LOVED), due to this organization. I truly believe that my students are receiving a pic
her science education because of RESET."

"I just wanted to let you know that we had a great session today introducing algorithms. The students had a big aha moment when they made the connection that computer science can basically be applied to any field of interest, which then totally ignited their desire to learn more. We all look forward to the next and continuing sessions with RESET!"