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The Sacred Heart Dinner Program is a nonprofit organization located in the Mt. Pleasant/Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C. We offer free services to the low-income and homeless including free dinners from Monday to Friday, free legal referrals as well as free haircuts.

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Address: Mary Anne Gibbons 3311 Sacred Heart Way
Washington, DC 20010
Phone Number: 202-509-5428
For this upcoming year, we would like to expand our housing referral program, so we can help more people find permanent homes. We would also like to develop a mentorship program, which will offer the chance for our volunteers to walk with our guests through their journey towards independence.

Our Last Year in Review:

-13,515 meals served
-1,175 haircuts provided
-10,114 volunteer hours
-12 guests received housing
-5 guests gained employment
"It keeps me going for the next day." -Blanton Boone (Dinner Guest)
"La gente en el programa siempre esta disponsible para ayudar lo mas que pueda." -Carlos (Dinner Guest)
"The Sacred Heart Dinner Program has helped me get my life back on track." - Javier (Dinner Guest)
"This is the only place I go." - Kiolio (Dinner Guest)
"I see what you have to deal with here and I think you do a good job. There's less power and control over individuals here than other programs I've been too. You let everyone in, allow everyone to participate. I've seen people who are inebriated discriminated against at other places. You open your doors to everyone." - Tim (Dinner Guest)