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USGIF is a nonprofit educational foundation dedicated to promoting the geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) tradecraft and developing a stronger GEOINT Community with government, industry, academia, professional organizations, and individuals to address national security challenges. As an educational nonprofit, USGIF has a dedicated K-12 educational outreach program that excites and inspires children about geospatial intelligence and the myriad career opportunities in the field.

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Address: 2325 Dulles Corner Blvd Suite 450
Herndon, VA 20171
Email: donations@usgif.org
Phone Number: 571-392-7217
USGIF achieves its mission of exciting K-12 students about GEOINT and STEM through various interactive educational activities. In the past year, USGIF has educated more than 3,000 students by creating teaching resources, organizing K-12 learning opportunities, and participating in community STEM events. USGIF's learning materials include an "Intro to GEOINT" presentation, which provides an overview of GEOINT to include topics in geography, mapping, satellites, imagery analysis, geographic information systems, remote sensing, and careers. The presentation is continually offered to schools throughout the school year by USGIF's volunteers inside and outside of the Washington DC metro area. USGIF also participates in community and school STEM events. Another learning material USGIF recently created is the Portable Planet, a 35X26-foot map of North America used as an educational tool for classrooms.

In addition to its K-12 program, USGIF annually awards scholarships, provides GEOINT academic certificates to college students, and offers professional GEOINT certifications.
"We continue to be excited about the partnership between USGIF and Moorefield Station. Each year I feel that we have expanded the activities and opportunities for our students with this partnership. USGIF has worked with our grade level teachers to develop lessons and activities that fit our SOLs and push our students to use critical thinking skills and 21st century skills to become collaborators, and contributors to our world." - Karen Roche, Principal, Moorefield Station Elementary School in Ashburn, VA