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Britepaths' mission is to provide our Fairfax County area neighbors in need with short-term safety-net services and empower them to work toward long-term self-sufficiency.

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Address: 4080 Chain Bridge Rd., 2nd Floor Massey Building Annex
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone Number: 703-273-8829
There is so much to DO! Will you help us Do More to help local families in need help themselves to better futures?

Britepaths provides assistance and a way forward for struggling individuals and families throughout the Fairfax County area of Virginia.

The organization relies on funding and volunteer support from businesses, individuals, community organizations and faith communities to provide services that: Stabilize Families: supplemental food and financial assistance; Build Resilience: Financial Education, Project BRIDGE, the Naomi Project, and the Financial Empowerment Center at South County; and Seasonal Supports: Back to School and Holiday assistance.

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"I've come from living paycheck-to-paycheck to now being able to save and live comfortably without worrying about, 'When's my next paycheck coming? When am I going to receive this?' I don't worry about that anymore. When you're able to manage your money, you're not sitting there waiting for a paycheck, or when your next funds are going to come in. You just continue budgeting your money, setting yourself toward that discipline." - Ms. E, Britepaths Financial Mentoring Program Graduate

"Britepaths was and is very instrumental in helping me get my life back together. A few months ago, I was newly separated and scrambling to get legal and financial help in order to support my daughter. I had a mountain of debt, no tools on how to manage my money or increase my income and lacked a structured life. Britepaths gave me legal advice, which saved me so much money in legal fees. The organization also gave me financial education assistance in terms of classes, credit management, and most important of all, a financial mentor. My financial mentor helped me to make a budget and debt repayment plan, to track my spending and to make better financial decisions. All in all, I don't know where I would be right now without Britepaths. I am a beneficiary of most of their great, organized and efficient services, which made a world of difference to me and my daughter's lives." - Ms. G, Britepaths Financial Mentoring Program Graduate

"I just wanted to send my sincerest thank you to Britepaths. The groceries, cleaning products and gift cards helped me more than I could have imagined. I have been fighting a losing battle with reduced work wages and hours, and trying to maintain self-sufficiency. This assistance helps me in ways I did not expect. With the gift card, I was able to purchase meats, breads, and fresh fruits and vegetables. I am eternally grateful." - Ms. S, Food Bridge Program Client